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What's It Like to Travel in the Soul Body?
Click on the Soul Projection link below for an introduction to what I learned about
traveling in soul and what it feels like to me.  There are also links to descriptions of
Sound Current, Frequency Matrices, and Divine Love - spiritual concepts that play
an essential role in soul projection.  

If you're familiar with all this, skip over the first box and scroll down to the section
about the planets and the other planes of reality.

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Steve DeWitt:

Thursday, April 6
Coffee Society Cafe

Monday, July 10
East West
Soul Projection  When I was a spiritual seeker and came across the path of
light and sound, I was most intrigued by the idea of being able to leave my
body.  I thought it would be very exciting to project myself to other places on
earth; to visit other planets and stars in the universe...                  
The Sound Current  Ever since I can remember, I've heard this high pitched
sound in my head.  It's kind of like the keening made by high...             

Frequency Matrix  Spiritual teachers as well as physicists tell us that all
creation is based on energy and vibration.  Energies vibrating at certain
compound frequencies...

Divine Love  Love was the spiritual principle I least understood when I
started on the path of light and sound.  I couldn't see what love had...   
My Visits to Other Planets and Planes
The Planets
Visited Planets describes my
first visit to another planet led
by a mysterious monk; the
soul projection technique I
mostly used for my spiritual
travels; and the Moon...
Mars in my experience is
inhabited at a lower vibratory
level than earth. Most of the
surface is dry, windy and
dusty. Wars are constant...
Venus is inhabited on a
somewhat higher frequency
level than earth.  It is a
pleasant world.  Wars are  
rare and conflict is carried out
mostly in the political arena...
Mercury appears to be
quarantined by a force field
difficult to penetrate.  On the
surface I found wastelands
and medieval cities...
Jupiter is not a gas giant but a
solid planet at its inhabited
frequency level, with vast
oceans and landmasses, and
highly advanced technology...
Saturn is also solid at its
inhabited level. I found it to
have the highest vibration in
the solar system. The planet
is of breathtaking grandeur...
Uranus appears to have
regressed to a primitive state.  
It is cold and sparsely
populated.  Most of it is forest
and swampland...
Neptune is a wilderness
untouched by man or any  
highly sentient life form.  
Wintry tundra bears diverse
Pluto is special in that it has
no atmosphere but contains
crystalline life forms of
semi-high intelligence.  They
are pleasant and gentle...
The Sun
The Sun is a source of
physical and spiritual energy
controlled by "regulators."  
During my visit, one of them
was my guide...
The Planes
The Other Planes
The Other Planes explains  
the lower and higher worlds;
the use of the creative
imagination in soul projection;
some initial experiences I had
in the other planes; and some
of the symbols I encountered...
The Astral Plane is the first
plane above the physical
world.  Heaven is often
portrayed as a realm of
clouds, but this area of fluffy
substance is really a sub-
region of the astral plane...
The Causal Plane
The Causal Plane is above
the astral plane and contains
what is known as the time
track. When we encounter  
the time track during a
spiritual experience, it is
usually in  symbolic form...
The Mental Plane
The Mental Plane is often
depicted as being above the
causal plane, but both are  
aspects of the same realm.  
The mental plane is simply  
the higher aspect of the mind
- the region of pure thought...
The Soul Plane
The Soul Plane is above the
mental plane and is
considered the first of the
higher worlds.  It exists in the
realm of pure Spirit, beyond
duality, and it is the home of
our true self, Soul...  
The Higher Planes is a term
I'm using in this case to
describe the various worlds
between the Soul plane and
the God plane, so I can
collectively cover them on a
single page...
The God Plane
The God Plane has some-
times been described as the
Ocean of Love and Mercy. I
assumed my spiritual goal  
was to reach it and dwell  
there forever in a state of
blissful God awareness, but...
Warriors of the Sound Current
Warriors of the Sound Current
An epic spiritual
adventure novel that
will change your life!
"Warriors of the Sound Current" is a novel I wrote based on
my own soul projection travels as recounted in the pages
above.  My aim with this book was to mix practical spiritual
viewpoints and experiences with out of the body travel  
fiction in a highly entertaining way.  

"Warriors of the Sound Current" is a story of contemporary
people on earth and on other planets who interact
physically as well as in soul form while traveling out of the
body.  It's a fast-paced adventure novel that has trips to
higher planes, guidance from spiritual masters, battles on
Mars, political intrigue on Venus, scientists on Jupiter and
Saturn, and a dangerous road trip on earth.  Through it all
is woven the story of the two main characters on earth
discovering divine love through a romantic relationship.  

Book Synopsis and Book Excerpts.)
Here's what one reader wrote to me in a letter:

"Dear Steve,

What a fun, exciting experience reading the book was! As lengthy as it is, I was halfway through it
in the first two days.  Didn’t want to put it down. It’s quite engrossing, fascinating and fun, a
thoroughly enjoyable read!  It still percolates, resonates in my being and has left me somehow
changed in a subtle way hard to define. Thank you so very much for gifting me with such a

B.M.  Sacramento, California

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About me:

I have been a student on the path of Light and Sound for more than 38  
years.  In 1984, I published my first novel
"The Golden Kingdom,"
which is out of print but can still be found on Amazon as a used book.  
Besides doing my daily spiritual exercises, I love reading spiritual
non-fiction books as well as novels, including science fiction novels.  I
like watching movies, going to the gym, and traveling.  I live in the San
Francisco Bay Area in  California, where I work in Information
Steve DeWitt
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